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Mental Health At Work: What Every Team Leader Should Know

Patrick Watt of Bupa Its not about training managers in psychology, but about getting them to lift their heads above the parapet and see if people are engaging. Theyre closer to their team than anyone else. The trigger for action should not be when people go off sick early intervention makes all the difference The two biggest causes of long-term absence are musculoskeletal disorders and mental health. Treatments are available for both, and those treatments are effective and low-cost if theyre sought at the earliest possible opportunity. If you leave it too late, the first you know is when people take time off. People come into work with these conditions, but the trigger point for action should not be the point of absence but the point of onset. There is too much emphasis on using absence as the trigger point, and again, its important to get leaders to set the tone. The comparison with physical health is a very valid one.

Here Are The 6 Crazy Health Conspiracies That People Actually Believe

Screen Shot 2014 03 20 at 12.30.35 PM For each, they asked respondents whether they had heard of it and if they agreed, disagreed, or neither agreed nor disagreed. Here are the conspiracy theories and how people responded to each one. 1. The Food and Drug Administration is deliberately preventing the public from getting natural cures for cancer and other diseases because of pressure from drug companies. Heard of it: 63% / Agreed: 37% / Disagreed: 32% / Undecided: 31% 2. Health officials know that cell phone cause cancer but are doing nothing to stop it because large corporations wont let them. Heard of it: 57% / Agreed: 20% / Disagreed: 40% / Undecided: 40% 3.
Here Are The 6 Crazy Health Conspiracies That People Actually Believe

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